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Our Booking Policies

We look forward to your inquiries, finding out what you need, answering your questions, and sending you a proposal quickly. With our experiences we can answer a wide variety of questions related to planning your event. We offer these suggestions on booking and things you should know before booking:

1.  For weddings we like to meet with clients personally at an early stage.

2.  All foods are prepared in our own facility so we don’t need use of ovens for cooking at your chosen facility-only clean up area.

3.  We ask for a deposit of $500.00 to hold the date on our calender. The remainder is to be paid the day of the event.

4.  We ask for a close number count of guests 15 days before the event, which assures linen and food ordering. We then ask for a final guest number count 7 days before for billing.

5.  For health reasons we do not leave food for another meal except cold trays which haven’t been used.

6.  Our prices and amounts allow for everyone to eat the meal and for those wishing seconds to do so but not held over for later meals.

7.  The final bill will have 5% GST and up to 10% gratuity on the main meal added to it.

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